Garry Tonon credits jiu-jitsu for allowing him to get the win without absorbing damage

After his impressive first round submission victory over Martin Nguyen at ONE 157, Garry Tonon praised his jiu-jitsu skills for enabling him to get the win without taking much damage.

In the interview following the event, Tonon admitted he was expecting a grueling battle where he would have to overcome adversity and potentially take a lot of strikes. However, his world-class jiu-jitsu allowed him to quickly take Nguyen’s back and lock in a RNC  submission just minutes into the opening round.

“I was expecting a different fight. I was expecting, you know, how I was talking to myself the entire time leading up to the fight, talking to myself about how I was gonna probably have to take damage. This is gonna be really tough fight, and he’s probably gonna have to come back from adversity and all of these things and I got it got went out there, took his back and and strangled fairly quickly, you know, by the end of the round,” Tonon said.

The American grappling wizard said his jiu-jitsu has been a life saver throughout his martial arts career, constantly allowing him to avoid taking excessive strikes on the feet.

“I am so thankful that I the first martial art that I got into was Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and it saved my life a million times, and it and it seems that it’s it’s still saving me to this day,” Tonon stated.

With the submission win, Tonon likely earned himself a featherweight title shot against the winner of Tang Kai and Thanh Le. The elite grappler will look to once again use his world-class jiu-jitsu to capture gold safely and efficiently.