WATCH: UFC’s Anthony Hernandez starts laughing maniacally after locking in a RNC at UFC 298

In the electrifying UFC 298 main card opener, Anthony Hernandez and Roman Kopylov collided in a battle of supremacy. Both combatants entered the octagon boasting impressive four-bout win streaks, intensifying the anticipation surrounding this clash.

Anthony Hernandez showcased his prowess in the middleweight division, aiming to ascend the rankings. The bout unfolded dramatically, culminating in a stunning victory for Hernandez as he submitted Roman Kopylov with a RNC in the second round.

Despite an initial struggle to secure the submission, Anthony Hernandez persistently applied his superior grappling skills. The turning point came when Hernandez confidently grinned and nodded, signifying the depth of the submission. Unable to escape the tight hold, Kopylov had no choice but to tap out.

The match witnessed a seesaw of momentum, with Roman Kopylov gaining an edge in some striking exchanges early on. But Anthony Hernandez strategically shifted the pace, transitioning the contest into the wrestling domain. Kopylov valiantly defended takedowns in the first round. Be succumbed in the second, ultimately leading to Hernandez’s win with the submission.

Anthony Hernandez’s victory propelled him to the 15th rank in the middleweight division, extending his winning streak to an impressive five. Eager to climb the ranks further, Hernandez envisions a journey towards the division’s top.

The UFC 298 main card opener not only showcased athletic prowess but also theatrical flair. In the midst of securing the victory via rear-naked choke, Anthony Hernandez displayed a unique blend of showmanship and character. A maniacal laugh and a confident nod preceded Kopylov’s tap.

Combat sports fans were quick to express their admiration for Anthony Hernandez’s theatrics. Fans were drawing comparisons to the Diaz brothers in terms of cardio and submission prowess. Hernandez now gained widespread recognition as a formidable force in the middleweight division. Some even speculated that he could potentially outshine the reigning champion, Dricus Du Plessis.