WATCH: Bellator’s AJ McKee puts on armbar masterclass for R1 submission win over Collard

In a thrilling showdown between PFL and Bellator stars, AJ McKee showcased his grappling prowess by securing a stunning armbar submission victory over Clay Collard in the opening bout of the 2024 PFL vs. Bellator: Champs event.

Collard, known for his boxing expertise and exciting performances in previous PFL tournaments, faced McKee, a formidable Bellator competitor who had recently transitioned to the lightweight division after a successful stint as the featherweight champion.

From the onset, McKee’s grappling skills posed a significant threat to Collard, whose historical weakness against grapplers made him the underdog in the matchup. As the bell rang, McKee wasted no time initiating a guillotine choke attempt, swiftly transitioning to a triangle choke when Collard attempted to escape.

Despite Collard’s efforts to evade the submission, McKee seamlessly adjusted his technique, seizing Collard’s arm and locking in a tight armbar that forced his opponent to tap out. The bout concluded in just over a minute, with McKee establishing an early lead for Bellator in the PFL SmartCage.

McKee’s victory showcased a dazzling display of submission attempts, highlighting his dominance on the ground and setting the tone for an exhilarating night of competition between PFL and Bellator athletes.

With the official result declaring McKee the winner by submission (armbar) at 1 minute and 10 seconds into the first round, the opening bout of the event captivated audiences and set the stage for an unforgettable evening of mixed martial arts action.

As the rivalry between PFL and Bellator continues to unfold, fans eagerly anticipate future matchups and the opportunity to witness more electrifying performances from the sport’s top competitors.