Craig Jones: It’s Less Embarrassing to Tap Out Than to Pass Out

In a recent video breakdown of UFC submissions, ADCC silver medalist Craig Jones provided some words of wisdom for MMA stars who are caught in tight submission holds. According to Jones, it is less embarrassing for a fighter to tap out than to pass out from a submission or joint lock.

“I don’t know why the guy doesn’t tap. I feel like you should just tap,” Jones said while analyzing a deep RNCĀ  from UFC’s Umar Nurmagomedov. “It’s more embarrassing to go to sleep than it is to tap out, I think.”

Jones reasoned that when a fighter refuses to tap and goes unconscious, it makes them look worse than simply admitting defeat by tapping. “Let it go, bro. It’s over,” he said about one fighter who allowed the submission to go on past the point of no return.

The jiu-jitsu black belt noted that tapping out is the wise choice, as it allows a pro athlete to avoid serious injury and live to fight another day. Passing out, on the other hand, risks injury and also leaves a fighter helpless and disoriented.

For spectators, watching a fighter go limp rather than tap can be more disturbing as well. As Jones put it, seeing a fighter wake up on the canvas lying in a puddle of their own drool and blood “is gonna suck.”

While refusing to tap may seem brave, Jones believes swallowing one’s ego and tapping makes the most sense competitively and optically. As the grappling ace put it, for fighters caught in inescapable submissions, “that’s a wrap.”