WATCH: Mother’s Day brawl breaks out at Liverpool restaurant

On Mother’s Day, chaos ensued at The Restaurant Bar and Grill in Liverpool. Women were striking one another, and one woman was even slammed into a mirror. The incident captured the attention of onlookers as a brawl unfolded, leaving a trail of mayhem in its wake.

The restaurant’s serene atmosphere was shattered when a group of women engaged in a heated altercation. Surprising footage documented the intense confrontation, showing one woman seizing another by the hair. She then delivered a barrage of punches to her head.

The confrontation reached a climax when the assaulted woman retaliated. She forcefully pushed her attacker into a nearby mirror, resulting in a resounding collision between skull and glass.

As the tumultuous scene unfolded, onlookers witnessed the spectacle. Laughter echoed through the restaurant as the brawl escalated, with one alarmed diner exclaiming, ‘This is our Mother’s Day.’

Another observer remarked on the intensity of the blows, stating ‘She’s punching her head in.’ Amidst the chaos, a mother instinctively shielded her daughter from harm as the situation unfolded.

In a bid to protect themselves and their belongings, patrons of the restaurant reacted swiftly. A man at a nearby table grabbed a bottle to defend against the escalating tussle.

The motive behind the disturbing altercation remains unclear, leaving both patrons and authorities perplexed. The restaurant was offering a Mother’s Day promotion, providing mothers a £20 gift voucher. However, the celebration took an unexpected turn towards aggression.

The upscale establishment is known for its £55 steaks and extensive selection of wines and cocktails. They declined to comment when approached regarding the incident. Additionally, Merseyside Police declined to comment.

What was meant to be a joyous occasion celebrating mothers turned into an unexpected clash, leaving patrons bewildered and authorities tight-lipped. The aftermath of this Mother’s Day brawl at The Restaurant Bar and Grill will undoubtedly linger in the minds of those who bore witness to the surprising events.