WATCH: Darts match goes haywire after loser tries to punch winner

Professional darts player Adam Smith-Neale is under investigation after allegedly punching his opponent following a match at the Nuneaton Darts Open over the weekend. Video footage has surfaced showing Smith-Neale, 30, apparently throwing a punch at his opponent just moments after the winning double was thrown, knocking him backward.

The incident, which occurred at the Lucky Break – Bentley Road Pool and Sports Bar, has sparked outrage among spectators, with one individual confronting Smith-Neale and shoving him in retaliation. The Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) released a statement stating that they are aware of the video and that the Darts Regulation Authority is investigating the matter.

Smith-Neale, a Coventry-born player who regained his PDC tour card in 2023, has faced criticism in the past and is described as “universally unpopular” on the tour by former professional darts player Paul Nicholson. Despite being ranked No. 82 in the world, Smith-Neale has not yet qualified for the PDC World Darts Championship but has experienced success on the big stage, winning the BDO World Masters in 2018.

While the motive behind the alleged attack remains unclear, the incident has drawn attention to the conduct of professional athletes in the sport of darts, prompting an investigation by the governing body.