WATCH: Dozens of teens were seen throwing punches outside a Las Vegas casino

In a startling event on the night of March 9, a number of teenagers engaged in a fierce brawl outside a Las Vegas casino. This has been suspected to have been orchestrated through social media channels.

The altercation commenced at the crossroads of West Lone Mountain Road and Rancho Drive. Prior to the outbreak, online posts propagated an event titled ‘Santa Fe Station Shutdown.’ It encouraged teenagers to assemble at the Santa Fe Station Hotel and Casino.

Despite their initial attempt to gain entry into the casino, security promptly turned the teens away. This set the stage for the ensuing chaos.

The catalyst for the conflict remains unknown. However, a series of videos on social media portray scenes of teenagers pursuing each other along a sidewalk and engaging in physical altercations.

Subsequently, the skirmish spilled onto the streets. A number of juveniles pushed and exchanged blows while onlookers documented the spectacle.

Local business owners informed KSNV that fearing for their employees’ safety, they were compelled to lock their doors during the event.

In one particular video clip, a police cruiser is observed stationed at a nearby gas station with its lights flashing.

Witness Corinne Enochs recounted the situation, stating: “The cops were already here parked in this parking lot…and there were some right here but they just had their lights flashing with no siren but they were just parked.”

As of now, no arrests have been reported in connection to the incident.

This episode bears a striking resemblance to a similar occurrence last December in Downtown Summerlin. A multitude of teenagers gathered outside a shopping center, leading to physical clashes.

Responding to a flashy Instagram post advertising a ‘Downtown Summerlin Shutdown,’ approximately 150 individuals gathered at the shopping center.

Teens were told to assemble at 4 p.m. and remain until they were sent out. Police intervention became necessary, resulting in orders for dispersal. There were several young people engaging in a brawl with the cops.