WATCH: Amorim armbars opponent twice in unexpected UFC Vegas 88 finish

In a captivating showdown at UFC Vegas 88, Jaqueline Amorim emerged victorious with a arm-bar submission over Cory McKenna. Despite facing multiple obstacles, including concussions and injuries, McKenna returned to the octagon to confront ex-LFA champion Amorim in an anticipated matchup.

From the outset, McKenna showcased her agility with swift footwork and precise leg kicks, while Amorim demonstrated her jab prowess. As the fight transitioned to the ground following a caught kick, McKenna initially gained top position. However, Amorim swiftly locked in a triangle, forcing McKenna into a defensive position. Despite McKenna’s attempted slam to break free, Amorim seamlessly transitioned to an arm-bar, eliciting a momentary confusion with the referee’s call.

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Despite the initial confusion, Amorim maintained her composure, securing the arm-bar submission as McKenna ultimately tapped out. While the finish may have been marred by a perplexing call from referee Mike Beltran, Amorim’s skill and determination prevailed, solidifying her victory in the octagon.


Following her win, Amorim wasted no time in setting her sights on future opportunities, calling for a spot on UFC 301 in Rio slated for May. With her exceptional performance at UFC Vegas 88, Amorim has undoubtedly positioned herself as a force to be reckoned with in the women’s strawweight division, leaving fans eagerly anticipating her next appearance in the octagon.