WATCH: Southern California mall shut down due to massive brawl started by two females

The Pike Outlets mall in Long Beach, California, found itself in the midst of turmoil on Saturday evening as brawling teenagers forced an early closure of the venue.

Long Beach police swiftly responded to the scene following a confrontation between two girls, which quickly escalated into a sprawling altercation involving approximately 200 individuals.

Footage capturing the incident revealed the chaotic scene, with bystanders gathering to witness the confrontation, fueled by a social media post hinting at the impending clash between the two females.

Within moments, the situation spiraled out of control as punches were exchanged and tensions soared. Police, forewarned of the potential disturbance, swiftly identified and apprehended the instigators, placing them under arrest.

The identities of those arrested remain undisclosed, and the motive behind the initial altercation remains unclear.

Amidst the tumult, The Pike Outlets management took proactive measures, deciding to close the premises early by 6 pm. Long Beach Police issued warnings, indicating that trespassers would face legal repercussions.

Long Beach Police Chief Wally Hebeish commended the swift response of law enforcement officers, emphasizing their dedication to maintaining peace and order within the community.

Following the altercation, a separate incident involving a shooting was reported nearby, further highlighting concerns within the Long Beach community regarding recent escalations in violence.

Residents express apprehension over the surge in violent incidents, including a recent stabbing and robbery, underscoring the need for enhanced measures to ensure public safety.

As authorities continue to investigate the incidents, the community remains vigilant, seeking reassurance amidst the unsettling events that transpired at The Pike Outlets.

In a climate of uncertainty, residents and law enforcement alike remain steadfast in their commitment to preserving peace and security within the Long Beach community.