Jiu-jitsu coach goes viral after revelation that he refuses to work more than 15 hours a week despite being in debt

Myles is a 23-year-old from Texas. He found himself in a precarious financial situation after making a series of reckless decisions with his money.

Initially earning between $10,000 to $12,000 a month in the home construction industry, Myles abandoned his lucrative job in Pennsylvania to work on a project in Austin that never materialized. During this time, he depleted his $30,000 emergency savings fund.

Now, Myles earns around $3,500 a month as a field auditor for financial institutions, significantly less than his previous income. Despite this decrease in earnings, Myles developed spending habits that were unsustainable. He freely admits to spending up to $9,000 a month on traveling and partying, without implementing a robust strategy for managing taxes.

With his finances in disarray and facing the possibility of bankruptcy, Myles appeared on Caleb Hammer’s show “Financial Audit” to address his situation. Hammer expressed concern that Myles’ financial irresponsibility could lead to long-term consequences, urging him to take action before it’s too late.

Myles dedicates hours of his day, training at Renzo Gracie Austin but he’s not as willing to dedicate himself to his actual work. Myles does coach at RGA but he’s only teaching a wrestling class once a week that doesn’t amount to anything.

He did reveal he doesn’t pay for jiu jitsu and coaches instead “I teach classes and compensation for my membership. So it’s about $325 a month.”

“If you can’t pay off a credit card, we’re only working 15 hours a week. What are you? You’re not a baby. What are you doing?”- the interviewer chastized Myles.

When Hammer suggested Myles spend more time working he was reluctant saying: “So that’s kind of where my training comes in. I just train for the rest of the time of the week.”

Myles didn’t curry any favor with the audience saying stuff like: “I just don’t like working a lot of hours.”

Fans of the finance influncer weren’t kind to Myles and took exception to him disregarding public health with the revelation he’s training with a staph infection.

In fact, infections at that gym seem to be so common he asked for the antibiotics to be included into his new budget. No wonder Gordon Ryan can’t get his stomach to heal at all.

Ultimately, Myles’ story even ended up on Yahoo finance where he received an unfavorable headline: “Texas man used to spend $9,000 a month partying, now refuses to work more than 15 hours a week to pay off debt”.

And while Myles appears to be training under John Danaher it still feels like he’s unaware that financial opportunities in BJJ are few and far in between. Last year we reported on ADCC bronze medalist Vagner Rocha calling BJJ a ‘baby sport’ and explaining that sustaining yourself doing bjj can be incredibly challenging.