WATCH: Brawl breaks out at Padres’ Petco Park on Opening Day weekend

During the Opening Day series against the San Francisco Giants, many obscene altercations broke out at the San Diego Padres’ field.

A viral video that became popular on X shows two confrontations between a group of men on the Petco Park concourse. It happened after the Padres’ 9-6 defeat to the Giants on Saturday.

Under the video, the official X account of Petco commented: “Hi Trev! That must’ve been stressful. Would you mind DM-ing us the location of this Petco so we can alert leadership?”


In the video, a guy wearing a gray sweatshirt is seen laying on top of another man wearing a brown shirt. He tried to strangle the other man with his right arm but failed.

An employee at the stadium can be heard telling everyone to “stay down” as they attempt to diffuse the situation.

At that moment, the camera panned to two more men brawling nearby.

One of them was wearing pants and a long sleeve shirt on. He seemed to knock down his opponent who was wearing a No. 44 shirt.

The other person continued to physically harm the latter even after he went to the ground at one point.

The camera then shifted to the other two men brawling.

The man with the brown shirt was seen with his knee on his back being punched by the man wearing the grey sweater.

Thankfully, stadium personnel swiftly intervened. They were effective in separating the parties involved and restoring order to the venue.

But amidst the chaos, no injuries were reported and no arrests were made.

The incidents at Petco Park followed a previous altercation during Friday’s game, where a woman was captured on video slapping a man.

Despite the disruptions, the San Francisco Giants and San Diego Padres concluded the series with a split of 2-2. San Diego’s next game is scheduled for Monday at home against the St. Louis Cardinals.