Gordon Ryan openly admits he uses PEDs, claims Joe Rogan

Gordon Ryan has had a remarkable transformation over the course of last 6 years. Ryan, who is just 27 years old, went from a 170lbs to a full on beast at 220lbs and over. As per his own account, Ryan’s transformation was hindered due to his many health issues. The issues took time getting diagnosed properly and are still being treated.

While Ryan never openly admitted PED use, he’s never claimed to be natural which is more than we can say for many others.

Following his last match, against Nick Rodriguez at UFC Invitational, Ryan expressed his suspicions that Rodriguez was ‘greasing’. He went so far as to claim that was more of a rule infarction than PED use.

In BJJ, PED use, is monitored only at IBJJF World championships and IBJJF Nogi World championships and even then there’s a healthy amount of skepticism about the results.

But looks like UFC commentator and podcaster Joe Rogan recently confirmed what people have been suspecting about Ryan – that he’s openly on PEDs.

During an episode of The Joe Rogan experience featuring Dave Portnoy, Rogan explained:

“And that’s like where a lot of sports are right now. There’s certain sports like Grappling. Gordon Ryan, who’s the greatest grappler of all time, openly admits to taking PEDs, openly talks about it because everybody’s doing it.”

“And he’s just honest. He’s just like, yeah, I take them. Everybody’s taking them. They’re not illegal in our sport. And if you look at him, he looks like a guy who takes PEDs. He looks like a f***ing Greek god. But you can’t look at him. That’s Gordon Ryan.”

Later he added:

“…but look at the f***ing build on that guy. And on top of that, he’s the most dedicated, the most intelligent, the most technical, and he’s trained by the best guy. I mean, he’s. He’s the baddest motherf***er.”

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– Editorial staff of BJJDOC