Gordon Ryan: IBJJF is slipping quickly Into irrelevance in terms of prestige

Several days ago we reported on an interesting conversation between ADCC silver medalist Nick Rordiguez and his co-hosts.

They speculated that winning ADCC trials has become more prestigious than IBJJF World championships.

“Winning USA (ADCC) trials now it’s more valuable than winning Black belt worlds.” – Rodriguez concluded with one of his co-hosts admitting:

“Blue belts or purple belts that are honestly better than a lot of the black belts. I think” – about the structure of the ADCC divisions compared to traditional BJJ Competitions.

And despite the rivalry between New Wave and Plan B, this seems to be a point they agree on.

Gordon Ryan recently shared some of his thoughts about the just concluded European IBJJF championships. He shared with his many followers on social media:

“You know the level at Euros is low when the guy who has a 38% submission rate at black belt has a 100% submission rate in this competition”

Later on he added:

“The talent level at this year’s euros is lower than ever by a landslide, even though the level in jiu jitsu as a whole is higher than ever. What does this mean? Ibjjf is slipping quickly Into irrelevance in terms of prestige. “