Nick Rodriguez analyzes the toe hold that broke Gordon Ryan’s ankle

.UFC held the 3rd edition of their BJJ invitational on December 15th 2022. In the main event, Gordon Ryan was booked to face Vinny Magalhaes. Nick Rodriguez stepped in on a days notice after Magalhaes had issues cutting weight and ended up even checking in with medical professionals.

This was likely a test case event because UFC was already in talks to acquire rights to stream BJJ’s biggest competition – ADCC.

While Gordon Ryan managed to secure an overtime victory, many of the viewers at home were surprised to learn he had gotten his ankle broken during the match.

Ryan accused Rodriguez of greasing shortly after and went so far as to downgrade his own car privileges.

Now Rodriguez addressed the situation on an episode of his podcast:

“And, you know, once I got kind of closer, close to his waist he was able to underhook a leg and we end up in a leg entanglement I defend the legs properly build height land back in 50/50. I got a hold of the toll and I break the ankle he kicks out.”



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One of Rodriguez’ co-hosts asked: “Were you surprised that he didn’t tap or like were you surprised that it broke?”

“Well, no, no. When I’m getting what I’m getting the toehold. I hear cracking and I’m like, oh, I got this. So I go a little bit harder, crack it some more, and then he he kicks out. And I’m just thinking, I’m like, f**k, if I had good mechanics. I would have took this foot home with like.” – Rodriguez answered.

“Anyway so I have like like six out of ten mechanics, it was still able to break the foot, you know what I mean? So I’ll go back, refine some stuff ”

Ultimately the match went to overtime and there Ryan scored a victory in the second round. Some members of Rodriguez’ team argue that Overtime round that ended the bout shouldn’t have been stopped due to the fact there was a submission at the time the clock ran out but apparently the rule they’re referencing is only related to regulation time.