DUST’s Dale Brown recommends biting to escape an armbar

Detroit Urban Surival Training is somewhere between satire and reality. So called, DUST, is led by Dale Brown. Brown went viral during the pandemic when his outrageously bad self defense videos went viral and drew attention from a number of UFC aces.

Brown was infamously parodied by UFC’s Chase Hooper.

But in the time since, a number of UFC aces have embraced the public push that comes along with Brown including Sean Strickland and Joaquin Buckley who even had Brown cornering him in the UFC last year.

Now Dale Brown is back with another stunningly bad display. This time, Brown is out there recommending you bite a person who is trying to armbar you.


Brown demonstrates the armbar defense in one of his videos. As you can see this is spectacularly bad. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth trying, right?

As one judoka learned recently, it’s in fact a horrible idea.

Not to mention that ADCC gold medalist Gordon Ryan ridiculed the set up writing:

“Congratulations, not only is your arm broken, but now I’m also more angry because you bit me hahah”

And in case you’re wondering what Brown’s credentials are – as per rudevulture:

Detroit Urban Survival’s front man refers to himself as Commander Dale Brown.

“Commander” is a rather ambiguous title, and a lay man might easily think Brown has some sort of formal association to the military or law enforecement. While it is common in many “McDojo” situations, for the head “guru” to employ some form of stolen valor angle, it’s not that straight forward in Brown’s case. I haven’t yet been able to disprove that he’s had a military background. The biggest clue about his service, remains an image Brown has posted himself – depicting his young and dapper self below the Airborne School banner.

source: Dale Brown’s personal facebook page