Tye Ruotolo booked to face Reinier de Ridder in a grappling match

Tye Ruotolo is quickly becoming the best investment ONE FC has made. Ruotolo is in agreement fundamentally with ONE FC’s model of not endorsing trash talk.

Ruotolo previously grappled Marat Gafurov at 82kg and successfully submitted him with a triangle armbar in the first minute.

This win earned Ruotolo $50,000 bonus. That kind of an award is unheard of in grappling – with the ADCC being one exception to the rule.

Ruotolo is booked to face ONE FC Middleweight champion Reinier De Ridder on May 5th. De Ridder previously grappled against Andre Galvao in a lukewarm match. Despite the fact that Galvao was gassing hard in the second half of the bout, De Ridder could do very little to advance his position.

De Ridder lost his chance to become two division champion after losing to Anatoliy Malykhin in early December.

He has an MMA record consisting of 16 wins and 1 loss. At this time, he’s 32 years old.

Tye Ruotolo’s biggest claim to fame is a lightning fast submission win over Garry Tonon with a d’arce choke. Ruotolo secured a bronze medal at 2022 ADCC in the absolute division.

Tye Ruotolo has been in the shadow of his brother Kade. Kade is an outspoken advocate against PED use in BJJ and has notable wins against Shinya Aoki, Roberto Jimenez and Mica Galvao.

“You know, I mean, it’s, it’s, it’s kind of a hard thing to say, because it seems like the entire sport is, you know, what I mean? ”

“So, you know, there’s, there’s weird variables. But, you know, for me, that’s why I’ve looked up to you guys so much, you know, like the Diaz brothers.”

“And, you know, maybe guys, they’re technically not the greatest of all time, but to me, you know, they’re pretty much my favorites, the greatest to me, because they’re out there, you know, competing against these cheaters basically, you know, and making it happen.””