DUST’s Dale Brown tackles dangers of experienced BJJ practitioner pulling guard

Self-defense instructor Dale Brown’s star began to rise on social media platform TikTok in 2020, but not in the way one might expect. Known for its themed content and binge-worthy videos, TikTok can be a challenging platform for martial arts creators due to its “dangerous” restrictions. Brown faced these same restrictions, which dwarfed his reach on the platform.

Despite this setback, Brown’s content was unknowingly developing a powerful online hate club, attracting a group of people who couldn’t get enough of his ridiculous videos. This attention eventually led to Brown being parodied on cult comedy show Saturday Night Live as an integral part of TikTok.

Brown’s success on social media can be attributed to his ability to cater to the algorithm.

But Brown is calculated in his approach – he’s been trying to become a star over the course of the last decade.

DUST has recently caught the attention of the broader martial arts community, but its founder, Dale Brown, has a long history of mocking “legit” martial arts, such as jiujitsu and mixed martial arts, as unfit for survival. These taunts, however, went largely unnoticed due to Brown’s localized presence and inactive social media.

Dale Brown (aka Detroit D.U.S.T) on BJJ in archived posts courtesy of rudevulture.com
Dale Brown (aka Detroit D.U.S.T) on BJJ in archived posts courtesy of rudevulture.com

But with Brown’s recent rise to stardom, his pre-famous criticisms have come to light, raising questions about DUST’s credibility in the world of martial arts. While DUST has undoubtedly found success in its niche, its legitimacy as a martial arts training center remains a topic of debate.

The latest BJJ takedown video from DUST features the dangers of an opponent that pulls guard on you in an unregulated setting. As per brown, he enlisted the help of an experienced BJJ practitioner and MMA veteran as his uke in this video.

if you run into a situation where pulling a guard by a master grappler or in this case MMA fighter and jiu jitsu practitioner of 15 years, then you are in danger.

“Unless you cut off your sport mindset and use your survival mindset and survival mindset. When someone pulls you in their guard, you have them in danger, and here’s how, when they pull you down, you’re gonna go with them,”

“I’m gonna use the need to strike more appealing to the pelvis. This will also give you access to the throat bite through you also have access to their eyes and the ability to push through the throat, causing tree pain and destruction.”


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Rumor has it that the man in the video has an MMA record consisting of 9 wins and 10 losses with his last five appearances all ending in defeat.

Of course none of what Mr Brown shoved would be any kind of useful against an experienced grappler – but that is the point in the end. He’s seeking to invigorate his fan base by leaning into the Master Ken of it all, now that the mainstream culture has forgotten all about him and his faked accolades.