Highlights: Tommy Langaker secures $50,000 finish after heel hook win over Kurzhev

Tommy Langaker demonstrated his exceptional skills once again by submitting the four-time sambo world champion Uali Kurzhev in a recent ONE Championship bout. This is not the first time that Kurzhev faced defeat through a heel hook, as he previously lost to Kade Ruotolo in a similar fashion.


The match started with both engaging in some hand-fighting before Langaker attempted a flying triangle that was not successful. Langaker then transitioned into guard, and Kurzhev was back on his feet after the referee reset the action. However, Langaker quickly pulled guard again and began his hunt for leg locks.

Langaker demonstrated his agility and quick reflexes by repeatedly going for leg entanglements. Kurzhev tried to escape from the entanglements but found himself on his back. Langaker even allowed Kurzhev to sweep him, giving him the opportunity to go for more leg locks. The referee had to intervene and brought the fighters back to the center of the canvas.


Langaker wasted no time in getting back to his aggressive tactics, and the two exchanged positions several times. Kurzhev even attempted a leg attack from an almost-fifty-fifty position, but Langaker was ultimately the victor, finding the bite on Kurzhev’s heel in less than three minutes and earning a quick submission.

This win corroborates Craig Jones’ opinion of sambo – and how the martial art actually has a glaring deficiency when it comes to defending heel hooks.


Tommy Langaker’s impressive victory against Uali Kurzhev is a testament to his exceptional skills and mastery of heel hooks. He was able to dominate the match and secure his second victory on ONE Championship. It will be interesting to see how Langaker performs in future bouts, and if he can continue to demonstrate his exceptional skills and prowess in the ring.