Craig Jones roasts IBJJF Gi competitions: Confusing rules, complaining, fake fouls and lack of submissions

BJJ’s surging in popularity thanks to the appeal Nogi jiu-jitsu has currently. Previously B team’s Simple man podcast remarked:

Rodriguez went on to interject and offer: “Winning USA (ADCC) trials now it’s more valuable than winning Black belt worlds.”

Ethan Crelinsten argued that winning the ADCC is much more effective in bringing exposure: “It does so much more for your career.”

Anderson stressed that ADCC trials rules allow for a more competitive environment:
“Blue belts or purple belts that are honestly better than a lot of the black belts. I think”

These sentiments were mirrored by Gordon Ryan days later. Ryan remarked:

“You know the level at Euros is low when the guy who has a 38% submission rate at black belt has a 100% submission rate in this competition”

These comments seem to be targeting Atos’ Kaynan Duarte. Later on Gordon Ryan added:

“The talent level at this year’s euros is lower than ever by a landslide, even though the level in jiu jitsu as a whole is higher than ever. What does this mean? Ibjjf is slipping quickly Into irrelevance in terms of prestige. “

Now Craig Jones reacted to the recent IBJJF Grand prix results in a video and shared some of his insights.

“I think soccer and the GI, a lot of similarities. In soccer, a whole lot of the time is spent with neither guy coming close to scoring, neither the teams coming close to scoring. And when they do, obviously massive celebration. ”

“You see gi jujitsu guys celebrate two points, like a soccer player was celebrate scoring to go, the shirts come off, the tee has come out. But other similarities, a lot of confusion on the rules, a lot of complaining to the ref, a lot of fake fouls. ”

Jones brutally concluded: “Major difference between gi jujitsu and soccer is people actually watch soccer.”

At the time Jones published this video there were more people interested in watching his reaction than actual Grand Prix footage.

The event itself was a snooze. As Jones describes it:

“I believe it had nine matches in total, only one submission. So obviously super disappointing, we would want there to be more submissions.”

Jones slipped in one last jab at Gi on his social media:

With Felipe Pena transitioning to MMA, Nicholas Meregali transitioning to Nogi and the tragic passing of Leandro Lo it seems like a generation that made GI exciting is moving into another phase.

While Mica Galvao announced he would keep doing both for the sake of tradition that only goes so far – especially with more lucrative offers being in Nogi and MMA.

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Johnatha Alves defeats Andy Murasaki via Decision – Referee Decision

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