WATCH: Henry Cejudo taught Jon Jones the exact sequence he submitted Cyril Gane with

On Saturday night, UFC fans witnessed the return of Jon Jones to the octagon in spectacular fashion.

Not only did he win the bout, but he also claimed the heavyweight title after three years out of the game.

What’s more, he did so with ease, forcing Ciryl Gane to tap out after just over two minutes of the first round.

Jones’ latest achievement is undoubtedly impressive, but it’s also thanks to the guidance of one of his coaches, Henry Cejudo.

The former UFC bantamweight and flyweight champion can be seen teaching Jones the exact move he would later execute to perfection against Gane. Cejudo demonstrates the move by pinning a sparring partner against a wall, saying, “Let’s say you have Gane here… Switch position, go to something bigger.”

Cejudo’s advice was simple yet effective. He told Jones to recognize when he’s lost a position and not to invest into it too much, especially if he knows his opponent is going to get out.

Instead, he should front cover and shift to the other side of the opponent to block their attempt to wriggle out of the clinch. Jones executed this move almost identically on the night, holding Gane in position and draining him with elbows.

Jon Jones has long been a fan of the guillotine. He previously finished Lyoto Machida with one years earlier.

By taking Cejudo’s advice on board, Jones was able to perform a carbon copy of the maneuver and secure victory over Gane. The result was undeniable.

Jones has since pledged he would put an emphasis on his wrestling and BJJ in order to ‘save brain cells‘.

Now, Jones is setting his sights on legendary heavyweight Stipe Miocic, who was in attendance at the T-Mobile Arena on Saturday.