WATCH: MMA fan that doesn’t train thinks he can beat a female martial artist

BJJ’s main selling point is that it enables a weaker individual to defend themselves against a bigger, stronger opponent. This is why the Gracie family chose the seemingly unathletic Royce Gracie to represent them at the first ever UFC tournament.

But many BJJ gyms go a step beyond this and frequently hammer this point into the heads of many novices with even more extreme mismatches.
In particular there is no more favorite an exhibition match to hold than the trained female against an untrained male (who also usually tends to outweigh her).

This was the case in another viral clip recently. In it, we can see an MMA fan challenging a female BJJ purple belt. BJJ purple belt is the third highest belt rank in BJJ and as such means a person likely has more than 6 years of training under their belt.

This is exactly what happened to a muscular individual who wanted a challenge. From the very get go, the man appears to not take his opponent seriously and is even questioning why he’s a part of that challenge at all.

Things quickly go south, as the purple belt clinches and grabs head control. She’s quick to snap him down and move to his back. From there she’s free to pursue back control considering he’s quite ignorant about jiu-jitsu. He sticks to turtling while she controls opposite side wrist in a Dagestani cuff like attempt to take his base away.

At this point she’s created sufficient room to insert a hook effortlessly. She uses the weight momentum to swing to the side and ends up rolling into proper back control. From there she’s free to work on her RNC.

He tries to stave off the RNC by brute force alone, which, isn’t the brightest move. Subsequently he goes out.