Dana White shares Gracie family home video featuring Ryan Gracie vs Renzo

Jiu-jitsu is one of those martial arts that you have to constantly work on. This is one of the reasons why people with families that are in BJJ are more successful. Having a brother that you can roll with, on demand, seems like an invaluable asset.

UFC president Dana White recently posted an old BJJ video featuring the Gracie brothers, Renzo and Ryan, showcasing their incredible grappling skills. The video serves as a testament to the crucial role of grappling and wrestling in mixed martial arts (MMA).

The Gracie brothers are celebrated for their BJJ skills, which have influenced the development of the sport. Their influence extends to elite BJJ practitioners of today. The video features the brothers executing lightning-fast transitions and submission attempts, with an unmatched intensity.

The Gracie Brothers: Legends of MMA

Fans have been quick to express their admiration for the Gracie brothers’ prowess, with some even likening them to modern MMA legends like Khabib Nurmagomedov. The following are some of the reactions from fans:

  • “That’s a level of knowledge and skill that very few people in the world will achieve, in anything not just ju-jitsu.”
  • “Bruh. Godzilla vs King Kong.”
  • “Imagine Christmas at the Gracies.”
  • “Looks like two Komodo dragons in a turf war.”
  • “What if he faced Khabib both in prime time?”
  • “More of this, less of Slap League, please.”
  • “Whoa that was amazing some serious skills being displayed from legends.”
  • “Is this how the Gracies settled disputes at home?”

The Legacy of Renzo and Ryan Gracie

Renzo Gracie is not only known for his success as a mixed martial artist but also for his role as a coach and mentor to many successful MMA pros such as Georges St. Pierre and Matt Serra. Renzo’s influence has contributed to the rise of grappling in the UFC and has helped shape the sport of MMA.

Tragically, Ryan Gracie passed away in 2007 in a Brazilian jail cell after being arrested for an alleged motorcycle hijack. The Gracie family is regarded by fans as one of the most influential families in the history of martial arts. Today, the Gracie family continues to promote BJJ through their academies and tournaments worldwide.