WATCH: Internet Karate Kid shows up to MMA class & tries to teach the coach – It goes terribly wrong

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a relatively young sport compared to the majority of traditional martial arts disciplines such as boxing and wrestling.

Despite their ancient roots, however, these traditional martial arts are not as widely popular as MMA. This is partly due to the influence of motion pictures which have helped to popularize martial arts but have also created a lot of delusion along the way.

Delusion in martial arts occurs when a practitioner believes they have mastered a particular art without the necessary training and experience.

This delusion can be dangerous, particularly when a delusional practitioner attempts to confront someone with true skill.

This is one thing that’s super apparent at the BJJ dojo. Oftentimes, you’ll get a white belt trying to teach something to another white belt or preaching about the usability of techniques despite not even understanding the point of it.

A recent viral clip showcased the dangers of a delusional martial arts practitioner.

In the video, a young man attempts to coach an MMA instructor, with the instructor becoming increasingly annoyed by the young man’s arm-waving instructions.

The instructor suggests that they engage in some easy sparring to allow the student to test his own instructional skills.

The student, however, seems reluctant to spar and tries to back out of the situation. This is when things start to go wrong. The instructor becomes thoroughly angry and proposes that the young man put on some gloves.

Before the young man has a chance to start, a brawl breaks out between the two, with the instructor landing some heavy shots.

The instructor demonstrates his experience by quickly taking the student down to the ground and proceeding to ground and pound him. The student tries to defend himself by latching onto the instructor’s leg, but his guard is easily passed, and he eats a lot of ground and pound as a result.

Eventually, the instructor lets the young man up and shoves him away to end the confrontation. The video serves as a cautionary tale of the dangers of delusion in martial arts.

The Importance of Proper Training

Proper training is crucial for any martial arts practitioner. This is particularly true for MMA, which combines various martial arts disciplines into a single sport.

Training involves not only learning the various techniques but also conditioning the body to withstand the rigors of the sport.

Training also helps to build discipline and respect for the art and other practitioners. These qualities are important for maintaining a safe and respectful training environment.

Without proper training, a practitioner may become delusional and overestimate their abilities, leading to dangerous situations such as the one shown in the viral video.