Eddie Bravo wants Team Dagestan to participate in CJJ team event along with team Atos

Combat Jiu Jitsu (CJJ) is a unique no-gi style of competition founded by Eddie Bravo, the creator of 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu and EBI. CJJ allows for striking during grappling exchanges but only open palm strikes are allowed when the match hits the ground.

Apart from this key difference, everything else that is legal in the EBI ruleset is fair game. Eddie’s goal with CJJ is to bring back attention to the self-defense aspect of Jiu Jitsu. CJJ is a submission-only discipline, with no points awarded for obtaining grappling positions or successful strikes landed.

The most realistic option for winning in CJJ is by submitting an opponent, while knocking someone out is the most interesting one. The striking portion of Combat Jiu Jitsu is only allowed when the match goes to the ground.

The moment the match gets to the ground, open palm strikes to the head and body are legal. To avoid long standing exchanges, only 1 minute is allowed for the match to get to the ground. CJJ is a growing niche version of the no-gi competition scene, with CJJ Worlds being the primary focus of Eddie Bravo.

Bravo just held another CJJ event in Mexico and once again announced his decision to stop doing Jiu-jitsu event and focus only on Combat jiu-jitsu.

Combat jiu-jitsu is not a beloved modality in the community and it’s struggled to find its footing despite a placement on the UFC subscription network.

Bravo told TJ Desantis:

“We’re trying to put together another combat Jiu Jitsu team duel. Trying to get a Dagestan team up.”

“Let me see those Murgamedov’s in that, and a team dual combat Jiu Jitsu. They might crush.”

“But I want to see it. I’ll put my 10th planet guys against Dagestan, combat Jiu Jitsu. We’ll throw a team Alpha male because Urijah Faber’s team, they’re all around.”

“And, and who, whatever team. Andre Galvao wants to put out Atos’ team up in that mother*****, how about we do team Alpha male, Atos, 10th planet because we’re always down and Dagestan. Oh my god, that’s a future, I think. ”

“I would love to see it. And who knows, maybe Dagestan cleans everybody out. We’re going to find out. I’m working on it. ”

Bravo seemed especially irked at the criticism his promotions have been getting. EBI developed a core following, but it was consistently criticized because a large portion of finishes came by way of heel hook.