WATCH: “Big Bad” pulls off the first-ever buggy choke in Invicta

Invicta FC 53 saw one of the rarest and most impressive finishes in the promotion’s history. Olga Rubin, also known as “Big Bad,” pulled off the first-ever buggy submission in Invicta FC. The event took place on May 3 in Colorado, and the co-main event featured a bantamweight bout between Rubin and Claire Guthrie.

Rubin managed to get a comeback using this very rare submission. The action was intense in the first round, with both athletes having their own moments. However, in the second round, Rubin was in a bad position.

She got taken down with Guthrie pinning her. But Rubin managed to turn the tables on Guthrie, throwing her hips up and connecting her ankle with her hand. From bottom side control, Rubin wrapped her legs and arms together and squeezed Guthrie.

A little while ago UFC’s commentary team faced criticism after they failed to recognize and correctly identify a “buggy choke” submission.

The move was first popularized by Ralph Gracie white belt Austin Hardt and has been used successfully in MMA.

The commentators’ failure to identify the move accurately highlights the need for better education and understanding of lesser-known techniques in combat sports.



The buggy is pretty rare, especially in mixed martial arts competitions. Not only are there a lot of options for submission, but the buggy is also pretty risky and hard to attempt. But, Rubin proved it can be done with the right timing.

Rubin’s impressive victory earned her a lot of praise from fans and fellow athletes alike. UFC women’s strawweight contender Angela Hill even pitched Rubin to UFC president Dana White, suggesting that White should sign her. Invicta FC President Shannon Knapp was also astonished by Rubin’s performance.

The buggy is a difficult and unusual submission hold that involves wrapping one’s legs and arms together around the opponent’s neck while in a side control position. The move is rarely seen in MMA, but Rubin managed to pull it off with precision and skill.

Rubin’s victory was a testament to her dedication and hard work, as well as her ability to stay calm and focused under pressure. With this historic victory, Rubin has proven herself as one of the top bantamweights in the Invicta FC promotion.