WATCH: Michael Jackson impersonator uses jiu-jitsu to subdue assailant

Over the weekend, a video surfaced on social media, showcasing a surprising altercation involving a Michael Jackson impersonator on the bustling Las Vegas strip. The incident, captured and shared by podcaster Marcus Deegan on Twitter, has garnered significant attention due to the impersonator’s exceptional martial arts skills prowess.

In the footage, the impersonator encounters a suspect man, dressed in a green t-shirt with the words “Can’t Fix Stupid.” The confrontation begins with the man attempting a feeble outside leg kick towards the impersonator, who adeptly counters with a well-timed outside trip takedown.

Taking advantage of the man’s lack of coordination and defense, the Michael Jackson impersonator quickly transitions to a full-mount position, displaying superior control. It appears that the man attempts to grasp the impersonator’s jacket lapel, resembling the collar of a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gi.

Attempting to capitalize on his dominant position, the impersonator initiates a mounted triangle submission, reminiscent of Amanda Nunes’ victory over Megan Anderson. He even threatens to transition into an armbar. However, due to a loss of balance, he is unable to maintain control of the submission attempt.

In a defensive move, the impersonator abandons the triangle and engages in a scramble. While attempting to take the back of his opponent, he fails to establish the necessary hooks but manages to secure a formidable bulldog submission from a belly-down position.

The impressive submission has since gone viral on social media platforms, attracting widespread attention. Spectators of the incident were left astonished by the impersonator’s skillful execution of the techniques involved. The tussle was eventually broken up by bystanders, putting an end to the encounter.

After carefully assessing the situation, the man, visibly determined, seems to invite an immediate rematch before the video concludes.

The video gained further traction when renowned mixed martial arts commentator and analyst Robin Black providing a breakdown of the encounter on social media. Black’s analysis shed light on the techniques employed by the Michael Jackson impersonator, adding to the intrigue surrounding the incident.

As the UFC gears up for a busy schedule at the Apex facility in Las Vegas, one can’t help but wonder if the “King of Pop” impersonator will ever find himself inside the Octagon, where professionals compete.