Former instructor at Gabi Garcia academy reveals threats and abusive behavior

Gabi Garcia is a BJJ icon for better or for worse. It’s been a tumultuous week for Garcia who revealed she was the target of domestic abuse.

She recently revealed that she has endured two years of domestic abuse by her estranged husband, Bruno Almeida.

In a powerful video, Garcia shared evidence of physical abuse, theft, and threats by Almeida.

Despite having a restraining order and the support of the Maria da Penha law, Almeida persists in his actions.

There have been instances of credit card fraud and closures of Garcia’s accounts, leaving her without water and electricity at times.

Screenshots of exchanges between Garcia and Almeida show late-night calls, mocking messages, and anonymous threats.

Almeida accidentally confirmed his involvement in the threats against Garcia’s family in one of the posted exchanges.

Following the reveal he released his own statement accusing Garcia of manufacturing these claims.

Bruno has filed for divorce and obtained a victory in the case, leading to Gabrielle being asked to vacate the property she currently occupies.

Bruno denies the allegations, stating that Gabrielle filed for protective measures with the intention of causing legal harassment and that the messages she presented are fabricated.

But now another persona accused Garcia of abuse, her sister in law – Mayra Mazza. Mazza was the instructor at Garcia’s Alliance East vale academy for a long time.

“Just to put on record that Gabrielle Lemos Garcia is threatening me in Audios/Messages and contacting my family in Brazil. Because I don’t do it anymore Part of Alliance EASTVALE! She’s trying to harm me in every possible way. Always playing the victim and then distilling your poison with threats and swearing!” – Mazza wrote on social media.

Mayra interestingly shared a picture with Gabi’s sister Mari recently and the two seem to be on good terms.

In response to the news Garcia posted a 30 minute rant which she mailed to Aliance East Vale members.

Prior to Garcia’s response there were rumors circling about Mazza quitting due to lack of payments. And according to several students in the academy, there were financial issues frequently ranging from unpaid promotional materials to shut off electricity.

In an incoherent rant, Garcia talked more about her husband’s questionable behavior and attempted to discredit Mazza’s claims because ‘she now drives a Mercedes’. Garcia also claims that she doesn’t even need to run the academy as she’s making plenty more money with her Onlyfans account.

It’s hard to know what actually happened but Garcia hasn’t helped her image with this video considering it’s very unhinged and hard to follow.