Gabi Garcia’s husband releases statement in fall out from domestic abuse allegations

Gabi Garcia shared some startling revelations yesterday in a series of posts and stories. Garcia accused former spouse of an array of troubling behavior including fraud, criminal acts and domestic abuse (including physical).

Garcia described the abuse as the worst years of her life and expressed disbelief at the actions of her ex-husband.

Gabi’s massive stature is making the public question the allegations.

The woman that towers over former UFC heavyweight Mirko Crocop was married to a crossfitter Bruno Almeida. To see the massive transformation Garcia underwent through the years check out this article.

Almeida allegedly committed financial fraud, closed her bank accounts, and diverted her payments.

Garcia shared screenshots and videos on social media as evidence of physical abuse, theft, threats, and intimidation by Almeida.

She highlighted the persistence of Almeida despite a restraining order and the support of the Maria da Penha law. The Maria da Penha law establishes special courts and stricter sentences for offenders in domestic abuse situations.

Garcia’s former husband Bruno Almeida released a statement online detailing his responses to the allegations:

Bruno has filed for divorce due to irreparable marital problems and has obtained a victory in the divorce case, which determined that Gabrielle must vacate the property she currently occupies.

Gabrielle filed for protective measures in the state of São Paulo, nearly two years after the relationship ended and while Bruno was already in another relationship, with the sole intention of causing legal harassment.

Despite losing multiple legal battles, Gabrielle has recently published a video containing fabricated messages and unrelated photos, accusing Bruno of serious allegations, which are unsubstantiated and are being addressed in court.

Bruno emphasizes that the messages presented by Gabrielle on social media are false, and he is taking the necessary legal actions, attributing her behavior to his successful legal outcome in the United States regarding the property dispute.

Bruno and his family request respect for their privacy and urge people not to blindly believe Gabrielle’s publications without verifying their accuracy.

His statement in full:

As translated by BJJDOC:

“The defense of BRUNO GUIZELINI BOUCHABKI DE ALMEIDA comes forward to clarify and restore the truth regarding the serious and unfounded accusations made by his ex-wife, Mrs. GABRIELLE LEMOS GARCIA, an athlete and public figure with a significant capacity for exposure, in order to put an end to the harassment and attacks promoted by third parties against BRUNO and his family.

Due to irreparable marital problems, BRUNO decided to file for divorce and initiated legal action to that effect in the United States. More recently, he achieved victory in the divorce proceedings, with the determination that the property occupied by GABRIELLE belongs to him and she must vacate it.

GABRIELLE filed for protective measures in the State of São Paulo’s court, almost two years after the relationship ended and when BRUNO was already involved in another relationship, with the sole intention of causing procedural harassment.

After suffering repeated defeats in the judicial sphere due to the falsehood of her accusations, GABRIELLE has now chosen to publish a video containing fabricated messages and disconnected photos in which she attributes a series of serious allegations to BRUNO, which do not hold ground and are already being duly addressed in the judicial arena.

For now, BRUNO reiterates that the messages presented by GABRIELLE on her social media are false, informs that he is taking appropriate legal action, and attributes this hateful behavior to the fact that he obtained a significant judicial victory in the United States, namely the recognition of his rights over the property occupied by GABRIELLE, which may have led her to make these baseless publications.

Finally, BRUNO and his family request that people respect their privacy and not blindly believe what is published by GABRIELLE without first verifying the veracity of the content. The matter will be resolved in the judicial realm, and the truth will prevail.”