Gabi Garcia clarified domestic abuse allegations: “There was one incident where he unexpectedly elbowed me in the face while I was sleeping”

Gabi Garcia has announced her split from her husband years ago but the two appear to be still embroiled in drama about splitting up their belongings.

Garcia came out on social media last week with some heavy duty allegations towards Bruno Almeida.

Almeida allegedly committed financial fraud, closed her bank accounts, and diverted her payments.

Garcia shared screenshots and videos on social media as evidence of physical abuse, theft, threats, and intimidation by Almeida.

She highlighted the persistence of Almeida despite a restraining order and the support of the Maria da Penha law. The Maria da Penha law establishes special courts and stricter sentences for offenders in domestic abuse situations.


Almeida promptly released a statement denying these allegations.

Bruno has filed for divorce due to irreparable marital problems and has obtained a victory in the divorce case, which determined that Gabrielle must vacate the property she currently occupies.

Gabrielle filed for protective measures in the state of São Paulo, nearly two years after the relationship ended and while Bruno was already in another relationship, with the sole intention of causing legal harassment.

Despite losing multiple legal battles, Gabrielle has recently published a video containing fabricated messages and unrelated photos, accusing Bruno of serious allegations, which are unsubstantiated and are being addressed in court.

Bruno emphasizes that the messages presented by Gabrielle on social media are false, and he is taking the necessary legal actions, attributing her behavior to his successful legal outcome in the United States regarding the property dispute.

Bruno and his family request respect for their privacy and urge people not to blindly believe Gabrielle’s publications without verifying their accuracy.

BJJ and MMA fans around the globe questioned the reports considering Garcia’s extensive background in combat sports.

This prompted Garcia to seek out a friendly publication to finesse some of what she said. In an exclusive she told WMMA Rankings:

Garcia clarified, “Everyone, I want to emphasize that the truth is always important to me. I cannot lie. Although there were no frequent instances of physical abuse, there was one incident where he unexpectedly elbowed me in the face while I was sleeping.”

Almeida’s team subsequently filed a gag order to stop Garcia from airing their dirty laundry online.

But the drama didn’t end there either.
Subsequently Garcia posted pictures of her beloved dog bleeding.
“We were walking and they attacked us, but he (the dog) defended me. Is terrorism ever going to end?”, vented Gabi Garcia.

The dog reportedly received injuries defending Garcia from a man armed with a wooden plank.

Garcia’s dog was hospitalized but is expected to make a full recovery.