WATCH: Streamer Sneako demands Musumeci setup Zuckerberg interview if he wants the MMA challenge to go forward

Sneako is a controversial Rumble streamer> He previously made waves for comments such as “jiu-jitsu is for autistic people”. He also criticized Musumeci’s appearance.

Mikey Musumeci responded to Sneako’s disparaging remarks about jiu-jitsu and himself.

“So today I’m going to talk about bullies,” Musumeci said in a video posted to Instagram. “Bullies are weak people that make fun of others around them to give themselves relevance and make themselves feel good. They pick on the differences of humans, which is the most beautiful part of humans, their uniqueness. I really don’t like bullies, guys.

“There’s this guy named Sneako, making fun of me, making fun of my friend, making fun of jiu-jitsu. He calls himself a boxer, I’m a jiu-jitsu guy. Let’s have an MMA fight. I challenge Sneako to an MMA fight. I’m going to shut his mouth and take the bully’s lunch money.”

Sneako responded saying:
“Is that what a bully is? I make jokes. I’m a streamer. I joke about everybody. Me, chat, everything, all day, every day.”
That said, he did not exactly seem thrilled by the challenge, stating:

“You would make me tap in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. You would win. In MMA, even with striking, you would go, this is what you would do, grab my heel and do the same sh*t you did to master. You would win. You’re a world champion, I train boxing sometimes.”

Later on, he seemed to recant.

Sneako stated: “Mikey, Mikey…Mikey Musumeci. Fine, I accept your offer; I’ll fight you in MMA…under one condition. Because you accused me of being a bully. I called you a Mark Zuckerberg lookalike. And I’ve never seen a world champion accuse somebody with no experience of being a bully. But I accept; I understand why you are upset. One condition – you need to tell your sparring partner and lookalike…to have a one-hour conversation with me about who controls the world…”

But the feud didn’t end there. Musumeci posted yet another video overnight.

“All right. So obviously, Sneako doesn’t want to fight me, adding in all the stupid stipulations he knows will never happen. Typical bully. They talk and they talk beyond the safety of the screen or even in the bathroom recklessly. And they never face consequences. There’s so many people out there like him. My goal here was to stand up to a bully. Kids get yourself into Muay Thai or jujitsu so you could learn self-defense enough to deal with idiots… ”


It is noteworthy that Sneako initially criticized Musumeci’s submission of Shinya Aoki using an Aoki lock. While some may view this submission choice as disrespectful, the true disrespect lies at the doorstep of ONE FC and its CEO, Chatri Sityodtong. They chose to pit the aging Shinya Aoki against a BJJ world champion, disregarding the significant age gap and skill difference.

To compound the issue, Aoki is now scheduled to face Sage Northcutt in an MMA bout, underscoring ONE FC’s apparent disregard for their own motto of honor, respect, and martial arts. This inconsistency is evident in their questionable matchmaking decisions and questionable attempts at star-building.