UFC’s Mackenzie Dern opens up on having breast implants and the anxiety of doing MMA with them

UFC star Mackenzie Dern has been open about having breast augmentation surgery, and recently discussed how it impacts her MMA career.

In an interview, Dern revealed that many female martial artists also have implants. She checked with her doctor who assured her it would be okay to continue competing in MMA after the procedure.

“I know, like, a lot of the fighters, like, they have them too,” Dern revealed in an interview.

Dern explained that breast implants are extremely durable and have been rigorously tested. “They’ve done a lot of experiments. They’re very [strong].”

However, Dern admitted that implants can still be painful when hit. “I do get nervous, like, with, like, silicone, you know, in the boobs, for it to pop or something. You know?”

Mackenzie Dern Through the Years

But she isn’t convinced the implants make taking shots to the chest any more painful. “I don’t know. I’ve always had them. And I I don’t know what is, like like, without really, you know. But I did I did fight 4 months after pregnancy, you know. So I was, like, literally breastfeeding, Moa, and I went to go fight.”

Dern said fighting so soon after giving birth was a “crazy experience.” She noticed differences like her joints feeling looser. But she pushed through and didn’t let the implants hold her back from returning to the Octagon just months after having a baby.

The UFC strawweight makes it clear that breast implants are common among female fighters today. While they can be an added risk, Dern proves it’s possible to have a successful MMA career without letting implants be a limitation. Her willingness to be open about the subject provides important insight for other athletes considering implants.

Set to make a comeback at UFC 298 against Amanda Lemos, Dern’s journey includes bouncing back from a TKO loss to Jessica Andrade and parting ways with RVCA’s Jason Parillo to form her own coaching team, with rumored new husband Antonio TrĂ³coli at the helm.