Andrade knocks out Mackenzie Dern, once again proving that you can’t half ass MMA

Mackenzie Dern has had a tumultuous year with plenty of personal issues. But the one problem that was under-reported was the fact that Dern opted to part ways with RVCA’s Jason Parillo and instead hire her new boyfriend (some say husband) as her new striking coach.

Dern is currently dating a failed MMA star ‘Malvado” Trocoli – who got a UFC spot on Dana White’s contender series and than promptly tested postive for nandrolone and got released. He hasn’t competed in MMA since 2021.

While some contribute the latest change in Dern’s camp to the closing of RVCA gym – Dern wasn’t cornered by Parillo in her previous outing either, citing that Parillo was helping Rockhold prepare for his BKFC debut.

In his absence, Dern founded ‘Team MKNZ’ with her dad Megaton Dias at the helm, Rogerio Camoes (strength and conditioning), Anthony Murataya Gonzalez, and the boyfriend slash husband Antonio Malvado Trocoli.

Anthony Murataya Gonzalez is another sketchy addition to the already lacking team. Murataya Gonzalez claim to UFC fame is the time Tony Ferguson accused him of causing dissent in his corner, and not even knowing the strategy that was being discussed in between rounds for Charles Oliveira clash.

Ferguson also put the man on blast for failing to bring water which is kind of an unforgivable mistake in an MMA bout.

“Make Sure Your Crew Has All The Tools They Need To Get The Job Done Right During Fight Week ✔️
Make Sure Cornermen Know Who Is Appointed Captain/Corner Before Fight. Wait,.. Here We Go.
How About Middle of # UFC256 between 1st-2nd Round Trying To Figure Out Why Your Appointed Cornermen Wasn’t There W/ You Talking Game Plans From Camp. Wtf 🤦‍♂️
Backstage One Of My Trusted Cornermen Lied to the others and said I said it was ok for them to take charge when I was getting changed. Completely Opposite What My Request Was Earlier To The Whole Team. This Person Was barely There At All Pre, & During Fight Week (Hadn’t Reviewed Gameplans Etc. So It Didn’t Make Sense.) As A Team It Was Noted. The Guy Basically bullied the others with seniority behind The scenes & Took position when UFC asked my team who was in charge. They Mic’d him up & there it went.
That person was such a good coach they forgot to bring me water in between rounds.
Thanks Tommy for getting it to me”

The clash between Andrade and Dern presented a clear narrative: Dern seeking grappling opportunities, while Andrade aimed to capitalize on her striking abilities. With Andrade boasting the second-highest number of finishes in women’s UFC history, and Dern holding the record for the most submissions in strawweight history, anticipation surrounded this matchup.

Dern initiated the bout with a head-and-arm throw, briefly succeeding, but Andrade swiftly returned to her feet. While Jessica advanced aggressively, her hands remained holstered, making it challenging to land consistent strikes. Dern, countering with effective strikes of her own, found herself momentarily dropped by Andrade’s precise counter. Andrade’s leg kicks added to Dern’s woes. In the waning seconds of the first round, Andrade secured a cleaner knockdown, significantly damaging Dern and likely securing the round.

The second round commenced with another intense striking exchange. Although the battle on the feet remained close, Andrade delivered yet another knockdown halfway through the round. Choosing not to engage on the ground, Andrade called Dern back up after an attempted guard pull. This pattern repeated, and after the third knockdown of the round, the referee halted the contest, mirroring a kickboxing bout.

Official Result: Jessica Andrade defeats Mackenzie Dern by TKO (punches) in Round 2 at 3:15.