Vagner Rocha responds to receiving a 3 year USADA suspension

A couple of days ago news broke that four prominent BJJ Nogi World champions were suspended by USADA for extended periods of time including one runner up. The men suspended were: Igor Feliz, Jonnatas Gracie, Roberto ‘Cyborg’ de Abreu Filho, Henrique Ceconi, and Vagner Rocha.

Vagner Rocha came out as a TRT user a while back

Rocha tried to preempt the USADA press release by coming out as a TRT user.

”We all can clearly see who is on PEDs and who could possibly not be. I am about to turn 41 years old and I have been competing at the top of grappling for over a decade. I have no shame to say I am on TRT replacement for my body in accordance to a doctor.” – Vagner shared among other things.

His USADA suspension stems from the fact he refused to submit a sample. Rocha had left the podium early, hoping to dodge the testers however they caught up to him days later. This is unusual considering IBJJF pays for ‘In competition’ testing alone and even that is capped at 15 tests per event. Previously they would test only the winners of the division but there’s even a runner up included in this batch.

“Vagner S. Rocha, 40, from Davie, Fla., refused to submit to sample collection after being notified by a USADA control officer during an out-of-competition test on December 23, 2022. He accepted a three-year period of ineligibility starting from January 11, 2023, the date he was provisionally suspended from competition.” reads his portion of the USADA ruling.

Response to USADA’s press release

Rocha provided rationalization on his social media saying:

“I will be 41 in a couple months. I am not in my 20s all these people whom believe PEDs make you better at Jiu Jitsu are delusional. I am willing to debate that with anyone who believes otherwise.”

I see a lot of you whom have never won nothing claiming it’s because you are clean. | know
clean athletes whom are winning and winners focus on themselves not gossip or other peoples lives. FACTS”

Rocha also went on to add:
“I didn’t show up for the medal because they would only test the winners. ”

“This was the first time they have ever done this in Nogi Worlds. I competed the year before and there was no testing. I felt if the requirements for getting the medal was to be a clean test than l would pass on it.”

He also had a message for the IBJJF that read “Either you pay and test everyone on the podium or don’t test at all. ADCC open is going to take over the nogi top spot anyways. ”

Rocha appeared to touch upon something Felipe Pena shared days earlier.