ADCC vet Nick Rodriguez voluntarily submits to PED testing under expert supervision

There’s a wide spread belief that a large percentage of athletes in BJJ are on PEDs. This isn’t much of a revelation if you’re active on social media and exposed to their daily content.

But Nick Rodriguez faced an increased level of scrutiny due to his choice to dismiss Gordon Ryan and repeatedly credit his victories to allegedly confirmed PED use.

Ryan is certainly a specimen with good genes, but he’s made his physique practically super human slowly over the course of the last 5 years.

Is everyone in BJJ on PEDs?

Rodrigeuz isn’t the only person Ryan has scrutinized for claiming to be a natural. Previously, Ryan questioned the changes Lachlan Giles had in his physique.

Rodriguez was subjected to scrutiny previously on the ‘More Plates More dates’ (MPMD) subreddit so it’s no surprise Derek, the creator of MPMD channel, opted in to supervise test results.

Derek challenged Rodriguez to submit a blood sample for testing. Rodriguez agreed and submitted a sample just 16 hours after speaking to Derek. Fans and Derek are praising him for accepting the terms just two hours after the request.

Is a single test enough?

Gordon Ryan still isn’t satisfied, believing that Rodriguez only agreed to do this in the ‘off’ season.

“Hey, Nicky Fraud, I saw you apparently and conveniently took a blood test today, while looking like a soft bag of sh** compared to your usual form, 5 months after ADCC when everyone is known to cycle off, with no matches currently announced.”

Rodriguez countered offering a unique challenge – that Ryan would finance:

“Okay I’ll do it; for every USADA test I pass you pay me 10k. If I fail any I’ll pay you back.”

Ryan wasn’t a fan of the new proposition.

The test was supervised by professional weight lifter Zach Telender who documented the entire process on his youtube page.

While the results are pending it’s commendable to see Rodriguez put his money where his mouth is and test himself.