UFC Flyweight Title Contender Muhammad Mokaev Disqualified from BJJ Tournament for Slamming a Hobbyist

UFC flyweight hopeful Muhammad Mokaev faced disqualification from a recent BJJ tournament for his actions against an opponent. The incident occurred during the BJJ 247 Manchester Open 2024 on March 17th, 2024. Mokaev participated in the men’s no-gi featherweight division, encountering only two competitors in his bracket. Despite his aspirations, he faced defeat in both matches.

In the first encounter, Mokaev’s disqualification stemmed from an act of slamming his opponent, Zain Hayat, from a closed guard. Although the video footage initially depicts Mokaev gently placing his opponent down, he subsequently chose to execute a slam, resulting in his disqualification. Following this setback, he engaged in a match against Dav Moretti, which concluded with Mokaev succumbing to a submission in under 2 minutes.

Mokaev’s actions in the tournament raised eyebrows, with observers questioning his judgment and sportsmanship. This incident isn’t an anomaly in the realm of MMA fighters crossing into grappling tournaments, highlighting the challenges of adapting to differing rule sets between sports.

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Notably, Mokaev has faced criticism before, notably for an alleged fake tap during his participation in UFC 286. Despite such controversies, Mokaev has enjoyed a successful start to his professional MMA career, boasting an impressive 6-0 (1) record on the regional circuit before transitioning to the UFC. His undefeated streak continued in the UFC, where he secured victories in all six of his fights, including four submission finishes. At just 23 years old, he has firmly established himself within the top 10 of the UFC flyweight division, positioning himself for a potential title shot.

Mokaev’s disqualification from a local BJJ competition has elicited varied reactions from the MMA community.

Notably, prominent analyst Jack Slack criticized Mokaev’s actions, citing them as perpetuating stereotypes of frustrated Dagestani grapplers.

Additionally, BJJ Black Belt TP Grant questioned the rationale behind Mokaev’s participation in the tournament, suggesting alternative platforms with compatible rule sets. Further critique surfaced online, questioning Mokaev’s guard passing abilities and hypothetical performance against champions like Pantoja.

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