Trator Ferreira grapples Haisam Rida to a controversial ending

There’s been a lot of talk about prestigious BJJ competitions but there’s a growing industry of small promotions that bootstrap their events. One such event is Grapple in the temple.

Main event of Grapple in the Temple 3 featured Quintet star Haisam Rida and ADCC silver medalist Vinicius ‘Trator’ Ferreira.

The two had an even match for the most part but a major controversy was born in the very last minute of the match.

Haisam Rida wrestled up and managed to get off the ground in the last ten seconds of the bout. At this point Ferreira slapped on a tight guillotine.

The two ended up landing off of the mat area.

Trator was basically on top of another competitor who had wrapped his participation in the event and was now seated in the audience.

Guillotine appeared tight and Trator wouldn’t let go despite the awkward position. Referee looks as though he is about to reset the action. The competitor the twosome landed on protested the position but Trator seemed reluctant to let go of the submission hold.

Referee made no sign to the competitor that was protesting that the action would be reset. The action was obscured from Haisam Rida who seemed convinced they would be reset and stopped grappling. At this point the ref intervened and declared Trator the winner of the bout to the chagrin of the on-lookers.

The competitor the twosome landed on, ended up coming onto the mats to raise Rida’s hand and protest the ref’s decision however Trator didn’t seem to care and was already well on his way to deliver the winning speech.