Rampage Jackson claims Joe Rogan is biased toward BJJ specialists in the UFC

UFC color commentator and famous podcaster Joe Rogan is one of biggest advocates for jiu-jitsu in the last decade. Rogan has used his familiarity with the gentle art to bring it closer to the masses and provide a counter balance to the MMA casuals who come for a slug fest.

Rampage Jackson recently had a guest spot on the No Jumper podcast and discussed his issues with Rogan.

Jackson has an MMA record consisting of 38 wins and 14 losses. He’s 44 years old. Rampage competed in most of big MMA promotions including UFC, Bellator and PRIDE. He became a champion of the UFC light heavyweight division at one time and unified the Pride Middleweight championship belt.

“We had one thing, Joe and I, we always been cool. Right. But then after a couple of fights in the UFC, he noticed that I wasn’t checking leg kicks and that I wasn’t throwing a lot of leg kicks, so he got real vocal about it and which social media ”

“(MMA fans) kept bringing up because I wasn’t checking leg kicks. They didn’t know that the guys in, UFC, they wasn’t kicking hard. And I’d rather take a kick and try to punch him.”

Later he added: “I got tired of people constantly talking s**t about me.”

“So I tell them, you know, watch the UFC turn the volume down. I said, you’ll get it, you know, saying you’ll get a different it’ll be a different fight because the color commentators, you know how this started off, with radio. You know, they will paint a picture of the fight for you, right. So Joe can he can be kind of biased sometimes, you know, against like jiu jitsu guys.”

“He loved jiu jitsu guys. And sometimes I watch the fight. I turned it down a little bit. Then I get a different, you know, view of the fight…”

Rampage went on to conclude that the two have buried the hatchet since but there are no plans for him to make a guest appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience.