Leandro Lo murder trial pushed back

With great sadness, it appears that the initial hearing in the trial for Leandro Lo’s murder has been delayed. It was supposed to take place on February 3rd, but the new date is March 24th.

This happened because the accused’s defense team wants more time to represent him properly. As a result, the hearing will now take place seven months after his tragic death.

The late Leandro Lo’s official Instagram account posted the following statement:

“Reassignment of the hearing. Date March 24, 2023, at 1:30 pm. At the request of the defense of the accused in the murder of Leandro Lo, claiming incompatibility of dates, because the causative, on this very day, will participate in a jury plenary in another district, the date was postponed.”

It also posted a famous saying by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., criticizing the Brazilian justice system: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

To recap, Lo passed away after being shot at close range in a nightclub. The incident happened all the way back in August of last year.

It took place in the city of Sao Paulo after Lo had an altercation with an off-duty policeman. The cop allegedly assaulted him and shot him in the head.

Upon arriving at the hospital, the doctors declared Lo braindead. The accused, Henrique Otavio Oliveira Velozo, turned himself in to the authorities soon after, and that’s when the investigation began.

Meanwhile, Lo was buried in a ceremony attended by many in the BJJ community. Along with his friends and family, important figures in BJJ attended the funeral wearing their Gi.

Lo’s passing left the BJJ world in shock. He was one of the biggest stars in the sport, having won eight world championships, and in five different divisions. He’s also won plenty of gold medals at the national and international levels as well.