Erin Blanchfield dismisses sports bra malfunction excuse, calls Valentina Shevchenko’s BJJ basic

BJJ media has been providing extensive coverage of ONE FC talent, which has resulted in a biased focus on certain fighters. This has led to some talented fighters being overlooked.

Erin Blanchfield is on the cusp of a UFC flyweight title shot. The 23-year-old fighter has captured impressive victories over Molly McCann and Jessica Andrade. Before her UFC debut, Blanchfield became the Eddie Bravo invitational champion at just 18 years old.

Blanchfield is a black belt in the Renzo Gracie lineage, trained by Karel ‘Silver Fox’ Pravec.

Erin is on the trajectory to become a UFC champion

Her recent victory over Jessica Andrade was a significant milestone in her career.

Andrade is a former champion and a formidable opponent, but Blanchfield prevailed. Andrade blamed a sports bra malfunction for her loss, but Blanchfield dismissed those claims, stating that the truth is somewhere in the middle and Venum’s gear deserves criticism.


In the fall out Andrade blamed a sports bra malfunction for the distraction.

Blanchfield was quick to dismiss these claims even though a replay of the event shows that the truth is somewhere in the middle and Venum deserves criticism for their gear malfunctioning.

Erin Blanchfield is likely to get the next title shot in the UFC flyweight division – against either Valentina Shevchenko or Alexa Grasso (they compete this weekend).

Is Valentina Shevchenko’s BJJ basic?

Blanchfield describes Shevchenko’s BJJ credentials as skinny in an appearance on the MMA Hour:

“I definitely do [think I’m ready],” she added. “I’ve built up a little bit of experience in the UFC. I know where my skill is at and I know if I have a full training camp and I break down whoever I’ll be fighting for that title, I’ll beat anybody.”

“Valentina, I don’t think it’s any secret her striking is very good,” Blanchfield explained. “Her Muay Thai is very crisp. She even has some decent body lock takedowns. But I think on the actual floor, her jiu-jitsu, it’s not bad. It’s just very, very basic.”

“Don’t think she has many submissions. I don’t think she can get out of certain positions very well, like what we saw against Taila.”

“That’s where her game is the most basic and probably could use some improvement.”