Meregali shades Gi competitors: It’s easy to appear ‘humble’ on the internet

The changing of the generations has been severely impacting the popularity of GI BJJ. A number of high profile BJJ athletes pointed out that IBJJF is losing step as the money is pouring into Nogi competitions.

To make matters worse, USADA’s pesky partnership with IBJJF resulted in several prominent competitors receiving multi year bans from competition.

Previously, Felipe Pena penned a long plea to IBJJF to start compensating black belt finalists if they’re hoping to sustain Gi BJJ.

“For Professional Athletes, black belts, the financial return on Nogi has been greater, due to the number of events in this modality, but in terms of sport JJ, I see Gi Jiu-Jitsu much greater and that it is unlikely to change, as most most of the schools have practitioners training in the gi, perhaps because it is an easier and safer adaptation.”

Now one of the only stars remaining in the Gi BJJ has issued a response along with scathing critic of those who are unwilling to market Gi BJJ.

Meregali writes:

“The greatest champions always exude heart, in any sport. This is not a soap opera where everything is a life. This is real life.”

He continues:

“Why did GI jiu-jitsu lose ground in US? Because here the athlete without personality and truth cannot build the brand. You want to see kimono be dominant again, stop criticizing athletes who exude truth and stop promoting repeated and false marketing. It’s easy to appear ‘humble’ on the internet”

Previously Meregali threw shade at those who call upon the Bible after they get caught up in a PED scandal saying:

“I’m asking this because I can’t find the answer: If PED use is cheating in front of the fame, how can we forgive this attitude coming from a Christian preacher, who at any opportunity uses the word of God to mask his shamelessness. Who is seen  as a human being of faith, purpose, always posting psalms, but behind the scenes uses these artifices to cheat and win titles. This attitude should not go unnoticed.”

Meregali is clearly taking shots at Vagner Rocha here in addition to sniping at Roberto Cyborg Abreu.

Speaking of Brazilian traditions, Meregali recently switched allegiance and is officially representing Renzo Gracie affiliation. This is what he listed during his sign up for Gi Pan American championship.