WATCH: Mamedov submits opponent with a Buggychoke

If you’re a Jiu Jitsu enthusiast, then you’ve probably heard about the latest fad technique that has hit the Jiu Jitsu world, the buggy choke. This technique has been attempted in everything from Jiu Jitsu competitions to MMA, and has caught on like wildfire. Now, just about everyone is trying to do the buggy choke.

Who Invented the Buggy Choke?

There are two different people who claim to have invented the buggy choke. The first is a Ralph Gracie white belt named Austin Hardt. He showed the buggy choke after tapping all of his teammates with it, and claimed that he came up with the move in 2016. After tapping all of his teammates, Hardt uploaded a buggy choke instructional and the BJJ community loved it.

Then, after the buggy choke started getting popular, a black belt named Jacob Sebastian Magee claimed he invented the buggy choke. He claimed that he started doing it 5 years before Austin’s video was uploaded to Youtube. There’s no way to confirm Magee’s claim, but either way, the buggy choke has become quite popular.

How Does the Buggy Choke Work?

The buggy choke is basically a variation of a reverse triangle choke from bottom side-control. It catches a lot of grapplers off guard, because having side-control is one of the most dominant positions in grappling.

In this choke, you lock up your triangle with your arm in. Your arm blocks off blood to one side of your opponent’s neck, and your legs block off the other part. It comes on quickly, and before your opponent realizes it, they’ll have to tap or go to sleep.

Important Details to Remember

To execute the buggy choke effectively, there are some important details to remember. First, you need to make sure your opponent’s arm is trapped between your legs. Second, you need to make sure that your opponent’s head is off the ground. This makes it easier for you to block off blood to one side of their neck. Lastly, make sure that you squeeze your legs together tightly to cut off the blood supply to your opponent’s neck.

Alisalana Mamedov scores Buggychoke finish at Cage Wars 57

Mamedov had no prior MMA outings prior to Cage Wars 57. He was pitted against Keivon Wood. It was Wood’s amateur debut as well. Wood trains out of Brian Beaury Jiu-jitsu. It’s unknown where Mamedov trains.

In the third round of their bout, Mamedov found himself on the bottom side control. This can be a potentially disastrous position in MMA. While Wood appeared to try for an arm triangle, Mamedov exploited a moment on uncertainty and grabbed the outer side of his foot, setting up the buggy submission.

He then leveraged that in order to close the triangle with his legs after a bit of an initial struggle. Buggy submission can be lethal for knee ligaments and you can see exactly why here.

Wood appeared to be trapped and unprepared for the unorthodox submission. After an extended sequence during which he tried to place more distance between his head and Mamedov’s torso – he ended up tapping.