Maggie Grindatti leaves Fightsports along with two others

It’s been a stressful year for Fightsports. The affiliation has been the target of an expose that aimed to uncover the extent to which they covered for a wanted fugitive last year. And 2023 was no different.

After two of the key people in the affiliation were trying to evade PED testing, the USADA caught up and handed each of them 3 year suspensions from IBJJF competition.

Both the affiliation founder Roberto Cyborg Abreu and Vagner Rocha seemed unapologetic about the move but there was more trouble brewing behind the scenes.

Apparently, Cyborg Abreu was having personal issues which resulted in him exiling now ex-wife Maggie Grindatti along with a brown belt and a black belt.

The exiled brown belt was reportedly booted back to Brazil since he was on a visa facilitated by Fightsports.

Luccas Lira Costa was one of their most promising current brown belt competitors. But apparently he’s outlived his usefulness.


Grindatti penned a long post a while back about her departure. In the immediate aftermath of the split she went to visit Gordon Ryan and try and see how she would fit in with a team in Texas. However it appears that a move from Florida might’ve been too stressful, and she instead opted to join a local Atos branch in Florida.


The choice came from not only the athlete and team results but the leadership. It is an honor to represent two lengends of our sport that I have always looked up to and have received guidance from for years now. They have always treated me with love. Thank you @galvaobjj and @angelicagalvao it will be an honor to represent your flag and your names. Grateful for this opportunity

I will be staying in Miami and training under @leodavilabjj at @atosmiami who has welcomed me with open arms and is already showing dedication to me as an athlete. Excited to work together

Excited to be able to spend as much time as I can with @atosjiujitsuhq in San Diego as well.”

Unlike these two, Andre Porfirio has announced his decision to leave the team on good terms. And penned a lengthy post thanking Abreu for all that he’s done.

Grindatti seems to be adapting well to the move and even got a training session with Amanda Nunes in.