WATCH: Simeon Powell leaves Amine sleeping on the canvas at the 2nd round buzzer

PFL Europe 1 event kicked off with a thrilling light heavyweight division headliner that showcased Simeon Powell’s immense potential.

Powell Dominates Mohamed Amine

Powell’s clash with Mohamed Amine was a dominant display of his skills. The British athlete wasted no time in taking the action to the ground and utilizing his superior size and strength.

From the full mount position, Powell landed solid strikes that didn’t cause much damage but had a significant impact on Amine’s spirit.

In the second round, Powell once again took his opponent down, moved into full mount, and rained down punches.

He then transitioned into an arm-triangle, which was so tight that Amine just went to sleep just as the round ended. It’s interesting to note that this was a classic arm triangle finish, as opposed to Craig Jones’ take on new methodology on finishing arm triangle in MMA in particular.

The official time of the stoppage was 5:00 of round 2, declaring Powell the winner.

Dakota Ditcheva Submits Malin Hermansson

In the co-main event, Dakota Ditcheva, a muay thai expert, secured her first submission victory by forcing Malin Hermansson to tap in the opening round. Ditcheva quickly tested Hermansson’s reactions before surprising her with a takedown.

Once on the ground, Ditcheva swiftly took the back of her opponent, who wasn’t expecting a grappling contest. She then sunk in a RNC  attempt, forcing Hermansson to tap at 3:52 of round 1.