Logan Paul plans to submit Tyson Fury if his MMA challenge is accepted

Logan Paul is a YouTube sensation. He’s also dabbled in boxing. Paul has challenged Tyson Fury to a professional MMA bout recently.

While Paul understands he would be outmatched in a boxing contest, he believes that his wrestling background would give him a much better chance in an MMA.

The History between Paul and Fury Family

This challenge comes after Paul’s brother Jake competed against Tyson Fury’s brother Tommy in Saudi Arabia earlier this year, continuing the family feud between the Pauls and Furys.

In a recent interview with BT Sport, Paul suggested that Tyson continue the rivalry and face him in MMA.

Paul’s Ambitions of Competing in the Octagon

Paul, who has an extensive wrestling background, is no stranger to the octagon. He is in business with the UFC through his sports drink. B he ut admits that he has not discussed his ambitions of competing in the octagon with UFC boss Dana White. While White has not completely ruled out the possibility, conversations have not progressed.

The Difficulty of Becoming a Triple-Champion

Paul acknowledges that becoming a triple-champion in boxing, wrestling, and the UFC would be a difficult feat, but not impossible. He believes that his brain is his strongest asset, and he would need to consider the importance of legacy before pursuing such a goal.

Final Thoughts

While it remains to be seen if Tyson Fury will accept Paul’s challenge, it is clear that Paul has ambitions beyond the boxing ring. His pro wrestling career has proven that he is athletic even though he’s somewhat of a stiff boxer. It’s certainly interesting seeing him invoke jiu-jitsu as a way to get an advantage over an elite boxer of massive stature.