BJJ/ADCC Champ Gabi Garcia promoted to Judo Black Belt

Garcia is widely considered one of the most successful female BJJ competitors in the history of the sport. She has been a permanent fixture on the podium of major tournaments for what feels like forever at this point. With six IBJJF world championships to her name, she is a true force to be reckoned with.

But it’s not just IBJJF titles that Garcia has under her belt. She has also won more ADCC titles than any other person at four, being tied with Marcelo Garcia for the record. In 2021, Garcia decided to retire from IBJJF competition but made another attempt at glory shortly after at the ADCC world championships in the same year. Although she had to settle for a bronze medal in the end, she remains one of the greatest ADCC competitors of all time.

Gabi Garcia has been a household names in the BJJ community  for years, and she has just received yet another accolade to add to her already impressive resume.

USA Judo has recognized her as a Shodan, or first degree black belt, in Judo. This is just one more achievement to add to her long list of accomplishments in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and mixed martial arts (MMA).

As a multiple-time champion and returning medalist, it’s undoubtable that Garcia would be given an invite to ADCC 2024 if she was interested in returning. Although she has not confirmed her plans yet, it’s exciting to think about what Garcia’s future holds.

She competed in MMA primarily for Rizin FF in Japan and, over exactly three years, put together a perfect 6-0 (1) record. Although Garcia hasn’t competed in MMA since the end of 2018. Garcia recently discussed her MMA return after an extended break.

Gabi Garcia receives Judo black belt
“oday we had one more great achievement in our lives.
Today we received from @usajudoofficial @teamusa
our black belt certificate!
Thanks Trayben and all USA TEAM for this huge opportunity!”

She has an imposing stature, towering at 6 feet 2 inches and weighing between 190 and 200lbs. This landed her in some controversy recently when a lot of online activists mistook her for a trans individual.

A viral clip of Gabi Garcia competing against Mackenzie Dern in an IBJJF match in the Absolute division reached over 4 million views.

It’s unknown where she plans to continue her MMA career at this time.