WATCH: BJJ black belt gets dojostormed and teaches invader a valuable lesson

Dojo storming has become a popular trend in martial arts videos where untrained individuals challenge martial arts experts in a bid to prove their opinions are more valid.

In the world of MMA, traditional martial arts have lost their relevance. Nevertheless, there are those who still seek to prove their martial arts prowess through challenges.

A recent video that has resurfaced online showcases one such case.

In the opening seconds of the video, it is apparent that the challenger is a layman from his lack of physical fitness and overreaching moves.

A true MMA trainee always sizes up their competition and realizes the real stakes in any such scenario. That’s why he quickly moves to take down his opponent instead of prolonged striking exchanges. He shoots for a double leg and lands an attractive looking takedown on his novice opponent.

The instructor then takes over, and we can observe the actual martial arts expert in side control, carefully handling his challenger.

To better control the hips of the guy on the bottom, the instructor spreads his knees. One of the challenger’s arms is isolated beneath the instructor, and he is actively trying to control the other. The instructor could land some ground and pound from this position, but he’s aware of the lack of gloves, so he chooses to land with an elbow to the side of the challenger’s face.

Although the instructor appears to know how to isolate the arm of his opponent, someone unfamiliar with a kimura/americana type lock might be reluctant to tap.

At that point, there’s nothing left but to tear their shoulder apart, which could be legally problematic, not to mention pretty drastic. Therefore, it’s essential to have the right technique and training before attempting such moves.

In this video, the instructor goes a bit overboard with ground and pound.

This type of situation somewhat resembles one-sided bout that Molly McCann had to suffer through on her latest outing against BJJ ace Erin Blanchefield.

It’s essential to understand that MMA techniques are lethal, and it’s not a game of who has the best opinion. It’s about skill, technique, and experience. Therefore, before engaging in any MMA competition, it’s essential to train adequately to avoid any injuries or legal consequences.

The popularity of dojo storms highlights the need for proper training and technique in MMA and BJJ.

Ground and pound techniques are essential in MMA, but they must be used responsibly and with the right training. It’s not about proving who has the best opinion, but about skill and experience.

It’s essential to approach MMA competitions with a sense of responsibility and awareness of the real stakes involved.