IBJJF is introducing Kids ranking

The International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) has recently announced the introduction of a kids ranking system to run alongside the current ranking systems available for advanced competitors.

For a long time, the organization has been ranking competitors, and reaching the top spot of the adult black belt rankings is a significant accomplishment that most grapplers aim to achieve throughout their career.

Not only is there prestige attached to this achievement, but the IBJJF also hands out monetary prizes to the top three athletes in its rankings, with first place receiving $16,000, and second and third place receiving $5,000 and $2,500, respectively.

The newly introduced kids ranking system will operate almost the same way as the IBJJF adult and masters rankings, with one key difference. Children develop at varying paces, both in size and skill on the mats. Therefore, their rankings will reset every year on January 1st, unlike the adult and masters rankings that count achievements from the previous two years, albeit with lower weighting.

While the kids ranking system does not offer any monetary prizes, reaching the top ranking will still be a remarkable accomplishment for young competitors. Not only will this give young competitors something more significant to aim for over a more extended period, but it will also make it easier for fans of the sport to identify talented grapplers rising through the rankings.

It is worth noting that changing academies or location will not affect a competitor’s ranking as it is based on individual performance. According to the IBJJF, this new initiative is part of a broader range of changes and new offerings aimed at encouraging children’s participation in the sport.

To view the full IBJJF ranking tables for all competitors across adults, masters, and kids, visit their website.

Advantages of the IBJJF Kids Ranking System

The IBJJF kids ranking system will bring significant benefits to young grapplers, including:

  1. Increased Motivation: By introducing a ranking system for kids, the IBJJF is providing young grapplers with a more significant goal to work towards. This motivation will help to keep them engaged in the sport and encourage them to continue to develop their skills.
  2. Identification of Talent: The new ranking system will help to identify talented young grapplers and give them the recognition they deserve. This will allow coaches and other stakeholders to support and nurture their development further.
  3. More Opportunities: With the IBJJF introducing new offerings aimed at encouraging children’s participation in the sport, young grapplers will have more opportunities to compete, learn, and develop their skills. This increased participation will help to grow the sport and create more pathways for young grapplers to achieve their goals.