WATCH: Bill Algeo RNCs TJ Brown in slick BJJ Showcase

TJ Brown and Bill Algeo were in the featured prelims of UFC Kansas City. This bout was one of the most interesting in terms of BJJ on this particular card.

The First Round

The action started with Brown putting pressure on Algeo by constantly moving forward while both kept up a high pace of striking. About a minute and a half into the round, Algeo countered with a nice right hand, and then quickly transitioned into a takedown, which he successfully landed.

Brown managed to reverse the position and gained the upper hand with a Kimura grip. Algeo, however, was able to stand up and escape the armlock. The two then stood toe-to-toe and threw punches at each other against the fence for about ten seconds, much to the crowd’s delight.

The action did not stop there, as both kept feinting and attacking, exchanging leg kicks and big right hands. By the end of the round, both were visibly battered, but still hungry for more action.

The Second Round

In the second round, Brown attempted to shoot for a takedown and succeeded in taking Algeo’s back against the fence. Algeo, however, was able to defend and regained distance. Despite taking some big shots, Algeo suddenly dropped Brown with a short left elbow, jumped on top of him, and worked to finish. Brown gave up his back while trying to get up, and eventually succumbed to a RNC in a matter of seconds.

Funny octagon speech

Following his victory, Algeo removed his gloves before his octagon interview with Daniel Cormier. However, he took the opportunity to make a controversial statement, stating that he would never retire in a “dump” like Kansas City. This statement was seen as a full heel turn, which received mixed reactions from the crowd.