WATCH: Mica Galvao’s knee destroyed by Kaynan Duarte at BJJ Stars 10 Grand Prix

There was a lot of scrutiny on BJJ Stars 10 considering they invited a number of BJJ athletes that were recently suspended for substantial periods of time by USADA. This is a departure from how suspensions were previously treated, considering that neither Mica Galvao nor Roberty Cyborg seem to be affected beyond not being able to enter IBJJF competitions.

Galvao had a much anticipated match with ATOS talent Kaynan Duarte.

During the early portion of the match, Kaynan seemed determined to look for a leg entanglement. But after Galvao defended the first attack, the two went on and rolled inward, which is a known way of injuring an opponent and is outlawed by the IBJJF rulebook.

Galvao seemed instantly affected, and a medical team had to be hailed.

There are speculations based on tests the medic did that Galvao’s ACL was torn. ACL typically requires surgery to repair and rehabilitation takes as long as 9 months in some cases.

Who won BJJ Stars 10?

Erich Munis emerged as the winner of the BJJ Stars 10 Grand Prix, a highly anticipated Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu event that took place on April 23, 2023, in São Paulo, Brazil.

The event, which brought together some of the world’s most talented BJJ competitors, saw Munis defeat his opponents in a thrilling display of skill and technique. The 29-year-old, who hails from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, took home the grand prize of R$200,000 (~USD40,000), cementing his status as one of the top BJJ athletes in the world.

Munis’ Road to Victory

Munis overcame some tough opponents along the way. In the quarter-finals, he faced off against Fabio Caloi, whom he defeated by points. Munis then went on to face Rafael Mansur in the semi-finals, winning by submission.

In the final, Munis went up against Thiago Sá, who had also put in an impressive performance throughout the event. However, Munis was able to dominate the match and secure a unanimous victory.

Munis’ victory at the BJJ Stars 10 Grand Prix is a testament to his unique style. Known for his  technical approach, Munis has become a force to be reckoned with in the BJJ world. His style is a mix of traditional BJJ techniques and modern innovations, making him a versatile and unpredictable competitor.

With his impressive victory at the BJJ Stars 10 Grand Prix, Munis has firmly established himself as one of the top BJJ athletes in the world. Many fans and experts are now eagerly anticipating his next move, with some speculating that he may be headed for even greater things in the sport.