Colby Covington earns brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt ahead of pending UFC title shot

Former UFC interim welterweight champion, Colby Covington, has recently made headlines in the MMA world by achieving the highly coveted Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt. As a wrestler with a background in NCAA Division-1, this achievement is truly remarkable and speaks volumes of his exceptional skills and hard work.

The news of Covington’s black belt has caused a stir among fans and followers of the sport, who are eager to see how this new development will impact his future in the UFC. Covington’s proficiency in grappling and his ability to control the ground game have long been recognized as key strengths, but this new accolade raises the bar even higher.

Wrestling is the main background for Colby Covington who was at Omaha State University at the same time as Jon Jones and the two had a brush regarding their mutual history a while back.

Recently, Covington confirmed that negotiations are underway for an eagerly awaited title shot against reigning welterweight champion Leon Edwards.

‘Rocky’ has already led out his plans to defend his title against ‘Chaos’ in what promises to be a highly anticipated bout at UFC 294.

This announcement has sent ripples throughout the MMA world, particularly among those who feel Covington is unworthy due to his lack of activity.

Covington’s achievement has not gone unnoticed on social media, with Twitter users congratulating him for his accomplishment.

However, some critics have raised questions about his skill level and ability to finish fights. Despite this, many have recognized Covington as one of the best in the world and praised him for his attainment.